Verbatim is the only provider that provides a true “turn-key” solution – whether it’s a full outsource or discrete projects. We are not one-size-fits-all.

Our approach. We approach compliance using LEM Technology to generate governance analytics to help you shape your entity management policies and improve efficiency in real-time.


Applying Entity and Data Management Technology to these primary service areas:


Annual Compliance
Verbatim manages, from start to finish, our clients’ compliance with local requirements in over 150 jurisdictions.

  • Annual Returns/Reporting
  • Approval of Annual Accounts
  • Periodic Board actions
  • Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

For an annual fixed fee, clients can fully outsource their annual compliance to Verbatim. The fixed fee includes:

  • Counsel’s professional fees for covered activities
  • Verbatim’s assistance in managing counsel network, quality control of work-product, data management, and invoice management for covered activities
  • Verbatim’s local counsel network, which consists of 2-3 law firms in almost every country, enables us to set reasonable fixed fees for local assistance with routine matters, and keeps us ahead of constantly changing regulations.

Consulting Ad-Hoc Projects
Verbatim assists its clients with “health checks,” director replacements, POA renewals, incorporation, dissolution, and signatory authority changes on a fixed-fee basis.
Examples include:

  • A replacement of an outgoing CFO on 37 international boards for a fixed fee of $60,000 that included counsel spend, which was completed in advance of her resignation.
  • Incorporation of 10 entities in 8 different jurisdictions for a fixed budget for a high-growth tech company seeking to increase its EMEA presence

Verbatim leverages data analytics to inform best-practices and inform policy adjustment. We track all compliance activities:

  • Types of matter per jurisdiction
  • Time to completion
  • Total cost of each matter

Transactional Due-Diligence and Integration
Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

  • Assurance that annual compliance obligations are being met globally
  • Assess and deal with any compliance gaps that may delay deals

Post-Acquisition Integration

  • Normalization of entity boards
  • Corporate secretarial actions worldwide to facilitate transaction
    • Share transfers
    • Dissolutions
    • Amendment of Bylaws
    • Banking resolutions
  • “Health Check” of newly acquired entities

Data Management
Few people have the time or interest to become experts in an Entity Management Software. As a result, customers have a great software tool, but it sits underutilized with data accuracy, entity management, and governance at risk.

A subsidiary management program is only as good as its data. Most companies’ data is a mess, resulting in entity governance risk. Our unique and dedicated team of data managers ensures that accurate data is uploaded daily. We recommend investment in entity management technology, which is part of our fixed fee.

By partnering with Verbatim on managing your legal entity data, your stakeholders throughout your organization will be able to access critical information at the click of a mouse.

We maximize your investment in entity management software as follows:

  • Data Migration
  • Custom Reporting of entity information captured in entity management software
  • Electronic Bank Account tracking
  • Seamless organizational chart support
  • Tracking of internal approval of entity-level changes
  • Automatic Alerts and Compliance Calendars

Budget Predictability

Visibility. Verbatim’s services are rendered on a fixed-fee basis, and include the professional fees of our network of local providers. You’ll never have to guess how much it costs to manage your entities again. We constantly audit our counsel network so that you can be assured that you are getting the most value out of your counsel relationships.

Scalability. Whether you are looking for annual compliance services, assistance with strategic entity-level objectives, or outsourced management of your LEM technology platform, Verbatim can leverage a decade worth of knowledge and strategic relationships to cater to your specific needs. Whether you have 3 entities or 300 entities, Verbatim can scale its offerings to your organization.

Metric-Driven Improvement. Verbatim leverages LEM technology to produce meaningful insights about cost and efficiency as it relates to your organization’s entity management. We share those insights with our clients as part of our annual engagements, and use them to constantly improve how much time and money you spend on entity management.